Some of my "friends"
Click on an image for a slightly larger version
Uninvited wildlife - I really do live in a quiet neightbourhood, honest!
Visiting bittern
A blurry visiting spoonbill
She's taking more notice of the bread than me!
Hawk resident on lagoons getting airbourne
The local triumvurate: Thomas the goose and Henry the swan with injured wing, his friend of at least 15 years and Henry's later mate Henrietta with one of their many broods. Thomas is fiercely protective of them all
Kingfisher coming in for a closer look than normal
Are you going to help me get this mouse?
Lord of all he surveys
my polecat
Artist and subject at work
1 swan-a-swimming - had trouble convincing him to leave as there wasn't enough room for him to take off
the new motherbored for my computer - purr rate guaranteed
For some reason the caption for my devil cat with the green (flash induced) eyes isn't showing. Working on it!