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Alternate version

Why this site exists:

Until RootsWeb finishes their full restore of functionality, I cannot edit the WorldConnect pages to change the link in the header that points to here, nor refresh the content.

Once I can edit again, it will be changed to:

So please go there to see the promised BDM data on all the connected rellies I choose to publish in WorldConnect Database LornaHenderson.

It wil be more up to date than the version currently on RootsWeb given the inability to refresh at the moment (Apr 2018)

LornaHen takes you to the home page for all my web pages/connected data.

This Site is this page.

Lorna's Links, Guestbook and GenBlog take you back to my other pages.

As per the WorldConnect database this extends, please ask me about my sources as only those for people published in my family tree online (BigBrother) have been checked for publication purposes.