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For more complete descendancy charts (and more), please refer to my main familytree web pages (Big Brother), for the main surnames/families of interest.

On this site the Pedigree link to the left of each person's name is an interactive pedigree, 4 generations, which opens in a new page.
Use your browser back button to navigate back through your browser history, or click on anyone in the chart to see their page, or the green arrow to re-focus the pedigree.

The charts on this page are for families that DNA is showing obvious connections too and more information is required to either determine exactly how / where the connection is, and more DNA tested descendants would be very welcome.  
All are known to be connected to my brickwalls - somehow/somewhere/somewhen.

Some of those brickwalls are highlighted on WikiTree at

If you have DNA tested and are a descendant of any of these families, please upload your DNA file to in order for comparisons to be made regardless of which company you tested with: FamilyTree DNA's Family Finder test, or the tests offered by Ancestry and MyHeritage in particular.
And please do consider using WikiTree to document your family for posterity, connecting to existing ancestors there to collaborate on sources and further connections.