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believed to have been taken for their Golden Wedding
Meet my great great grandparents, James & Amelia Henderson
Read all about them, and others in my extended family tree, via the links at the top right of this page

Family tree web pages:

For assorted historical, and evolutionary genealogical reasons my genealogical data is on a number of web sites:
  • "Big Brother" is the fullest and most regularly updated version
  • "HendersonAndAndrews" has much the same content as Big Brother, but less regularly updated, and hosted on RootsWeb's FreePages, which should exist longer than I, and the above paid for domain
In addition there are online databases available, the main ones being:
  • WorldConnect (database LornaHenderson) a snapshot, regularly updated, for an easily navigable summary of basic BDM data with pedigree and descendant charts
  • and
  • a growing collection on WikiTree available for (free) collaborative documentation of their lives
  • and
  • Ancestral Atlas for a place mapped world view of the same people as in the above LornaHenderson database.
    In addition to having people mapped to places, if you register, you can trace a family's migration over time, like the following, but clickable (this is just a screenshot):
Click the Online Database link in the lh sidebar for further details, or select from the pulldown list.
Descendants of Archibald HENDERSON - where they migrated to
Where the HENDERSON descendants migrated to

Top menu items:

  • Lorna's links is a small selection of genealogical links I've found useful, or items I have an interest in. (See Real Life in sidebar for non-genealogical links)
  • Guestbook is a way to leave a public comment about any of my webpages - for private feedback, please use the Comments/feedback link in the footer
  • Genblog is my research log of what changed and when, sometimes even the why


The surname page and chart links at left all take you to the "Big Brother" charts and pages for the names/families concerned.
The databases link takes you to other sites hosting assorted databases of my data.
"Real life" includes items of more general interest, some not even genealogy!


If you have any corrections, photos or other information to contribute to the family tree, I would love to hear from you.
Please use the Comments / feedback link in the signature.

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